Flowers From Sainsburys

As it is Friday (I think), and as I wanted to try the new RF 24-105 in ‘studio’ conditions, I thought that I would revisit my ‘Flowers from Sainsburys’ theme.
Not being really true to the theme I actually bought this little rose as a pressy for Mrs W – I have told her she can have it when I’ve done my blip . . .
On a more serious note, today I put the said lens (and camera) on the tripod, set up the lights, cable release and monitor (spare telly) etc, and took a series of shots trying out one or two of the advance features with the lens and camera, like using the programmable ‘Control Ring’ on the lens which I have set to ‘exposure compensation’.  Full marks all round.
The quality of the shots also got full marks, and I’m very pleased with the sharpness (up to 200%) and DoF.  The blip and extra are reduced to 2000px wide to keep the size down for publishing, but that shouldn’t make any difference for internet viewing.
I could not decide which shot to make the main blip, so I have used them in chronological order, blip ‘wrapped’ and extra . . .
Many thanks to Anni for hosting Flower Friday.

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