Last look at Lancashire for a while

A blustery, sunny walk on the tops, lunch in the crowded café and then 10 hours of travelling to get home.

Including a smashed suitcase (that damaged nothing inside it) but that had to be documented and replaced at our local airport. That took an hour and we rolled home at well after one in the morning. And fell into bed. All was well at home, just around freezing, no snow, no flooding, no ice, and thankful that it was so. 

It's been a lovely, frustrating, friendly, difficult, hard work, fabulous and rewarding 2 weeks. The sun has had his hat on almost every day, long walks have been had, Bramble has been patted  and played with, long talks have developed over days instead of just via a phone call. I love being in Blackburn, and I love being in Bötsle. So grateful that we have the means to make the journey!

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