By soozaday

A Question of Balance

It's been a busy day: my friend came over and  figured out an upholstery plan to cover up the terrible mess that the cats have made of the couch in the tv room--it's been chewed and scratched to within an inch of its life, but the humans will prevail. Stay tuned on that one...

Rain is forecast for the next few days, so we spent some time battening down: fixing up the rain barrels, bringing in all the loose ends from the yard, making sure the outdoor furniture is secure.

Then I met another friend who is selling a Lumix FZ70--it's the one with the 60x zoom--and I get to play with it for awhile. At first glance, it'a a bit hefty. Has anyone used this camera? 

The best activity by far was getting a massage this afternoon.It feels like I was able to shed a lot of the tension that's been building up since the vertigo started. 

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