The finished article!  This morning Angela showed me how to solder the panel together, fluxing the lead joints with wax first, then cement the glass in place, polish it, and finally blacken the lead. 

I have really enjoyed making it, measuring, cutting, grinding, hammering and working with tools I have never used before, fids, groziers, glass cutters, soldering iron and a grinder.  Despite being slightly thrown initially by the fact that I am left handed,  Angela coped very well with me!  She was very good at explaining and demonstrating then letting me get on with things, in my own curious sinister way!  

I am really pleased with my first attempt, the end result is better than I could have hoped for.  I had all my layers on because we'd had the door open while we were working with the lead.  Health and safety, poisonous fumes and all that.  

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