Blue Sky

A brief outing for acupuncture, lots more jello, and a blip on the way home. Yanming asked me to call or text him over the weekend if things did not improve. How nice is that? He actually makes house calls for emergencies, which fortunately this is not.

We haven’t seen the sun or blue sky in weeks. And it’s a whopping 50 degrees! I’m watching mosquitoes dancing outside as I write on the backporch in a patch of sunlight. Mr Mole is about to finish the leaf raking, while I finally begin reading a 1987 novel, Moon Tiger, by one of my all-time favorite writers, Penelope Lively. She is “fascinated by contingency - the idea that an entire life is formed by small decisions that seem inconsequential at the time.” NY Times, 5/14/2017.

Thank you for your visits and kind comments. I hope to catch up when I’m feeling chipper again. Happy weekend!

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