Photo not brilliant, but the day was.

We did outdoor Christmassy things this afternoon. Putting fir trees in strategic spots, getting the lights set up on them, or not. (they so often seem to have forgotten how to be lights, and turn into long lengths of tangled green cable that doesn't light one bit) Preparing for the beginning of Advent when all the houses will be decorated with lights, and the gardens with yet more lights. It's becoming a bit much in some instances, but generally I love the lights that brighten up the long dark nights.

Anyhow, I cut juniper, lingon and Billberry, for the wreaths - as well as using some of the rejected fir branches, and made two wreaths for the front door of our house and the red house. I build them on the remains of last year's decorations, so it goes quite smoothly. We park right outside the red house door, so we see the various decorations as we walk by, it feels welcoming. There will be a mini tree there too, but not today - it got too dark.

I know this isn't a great image, but it was what I could do in the dark, I forgot all about blips till the wreaths were finished.... Glad we are home this evening, despite it meaning we miss our friends and the film... I made cauliflower soup for tea and now I'm off to sort out my packing. It is going to look remarkably like the packing of last week, so it should be easy peasy.. 

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