By Artyfartyannie

Roots of a Fast growing Hyacinth

Isn't nature marvellous. Not long since I was given this Hyacinth in a lovely jar (second shot).............Maybe I even liked the second shot better but the roots fascinated me when I took them out of the jar for a quick glance.

The light is really lousy here at this time of year so I take things outside to blip them. The orchid got a right shock as it was windy too as well as cold. Anyway it's Tuesday so I'll try Tiny Tuesday again. Hosted by JDO and titled TT183

We were very efficient today as we talked in the middle of the night and firmed up on our "things to do list" and set off doing that today. There will be a big cut down on Christmas cards as it is so much work and the postage has gone crazy especially to abroad. I will be emailing. Usually I design and make 120 or so cards.Someone in our friend's group set this off and our kids think its not the thing anymore and furthermore (although this has been the case since I was 16) we are atheists....................sounds cruel to you guys out there who believe in the superpower that you have to worship and obey. Well I don't. Doesn't mean to say you are a bad person (thats a saying from Mr AF)

I do like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas....Meaning thank the lord its the holidays !!!!! and we can relax and spend family time away from work.

I would say for the first time ever (and I am a few days off 72) that I have done all the Xmas gift shopping, card designing, organising the print and cooking ever since we were married (47 years ago) for all our outer and inner family so this year is a very welcome break as we have already had a lot of help from our children and  the event won't be happening at our house this year. Glory Hallelujah and praise the Lord wherever he is. That reminds me that I did meet Santa today in town, another fictional character !!! Oh boy am I going to piss a few people off.......................................

But I do wish everyone much health and Happiness. I really do.

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