By dfb24


....Bobsblips widwed. challenge. I went to the Lake this morning with every intention of taking a photo for Bob's WideWednesday challenge, but when I got there I couldn't believe how covered in ice so many of the bushes were already, although goodness knows, even with the sun out today,  it's been cold enough to freeze just about anything!  I've never been able to resist the dripping icicles, so I spent a lot of time crawling over and around the rocks to get some photos of these beautiful formations......while Tom waited most patiently in the car, considering my parting words were: "I'll only be a minute"! (famous last words!). I've put another icicle shot in the extras, as well as three geese shots that are esp. for BVFL33, as I know she'll enjoy them. :))

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