Milk Moustache

She does like milk now as a drink. She used to like juice.
We had her today as planned, then Grandad got J. It was just a one off thing and had been planned. She still has a virus thing going on and now a cough but she isn't very ill at all.

I  Have been getting a bit silly opening my birthday cards and even presents. Don't know why........Maybe I needed to be cheered up although I feel good. Yes I received two lovely presents today and one of them, which I think is of very good taste is in second shot..............

What is good taste I hear you ask ??...........Well now is the time to say. I'm always pleased with what whatever I get. Birthday of 72 is tomorrow. I feel young as opposed to old apart from certain sorenesses ...... well what would you expect.............when you are getting at my stage of life ???

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