By strawhouse

Funniest Thing Ever!!!!!

Looby Lu's for breakfast today. Full English for me and Mr K. Scrummy!!!
It was outing of two halves!
The other day when she came home poorly Miss E made Miss L a hilarious video involving dark glasses, head scarves, dramatic poses, spy drama and much praise of beautiful Miss L. Very hard to explain but absolutely brilliant!! This was Mr K watching it in Looby Lu's this morning as the Little Misses giggled more and more hysterically! So funny!!
Then I decided to tell them that I'd booked CenterParcs for before Christmas as a special treat. I said it was because they'd been so good and helpful when I'd had to work both weeks over half term and their holiday had been a bit rubbish.
Were they grateful? Did they cry joyful tears looking forward to the magic of Winter Wonderland?
They were not. And they did not.
Bloody brats!!
Miss L started whingeing on about the fact Miss L's school holiday was longer and Miss E wanted to play a crappy board game that she'd got out from the dresser in the cafe and just got stroppy about anyone wanting to talk about or do anything else.
It was all I could do not to cry. 
They didn't care. Sigh.
We went up to Stowe tonight for the Beacons of Light event. 
At 6.55pm a bugler sounded the Last Post and then they lit a beacon (a rather disappointing patio heater type beacon rather than the brazier type I was expecting!)
There were more than a thousand beacons across the country apparently and as underwhelming as our beacon was it was quite something to see the next beacon being lit on a distant hill and then the next one even further  away. It was amazing!
A thousand beacons lighting up all over the country in commemoration and to symbolise the end of the darkness of war and a return to the light of peace.

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