Day at a Time

By Tweedy

That'll be the first batch made then

Home made mince pies, complete with wonky gluten free pastry, straight from the oven. Later in the month they'll be on offer to friends and neighbours. Meanwhile they freeze well.

An unexpected Wednesday to spend in the kitchen rather than my usual childminding. At 9 pm last night we had to give in and take the three year old home. Is there anything more miserable than an inconsolable child with earache who really, really wants her mummy, daddy and, as she put it between sobs, her 'normal bed'. Took me right back to 1983 and the endless ear infections my oldest child, just a wee boy then, suffered. Of course in those days antibiotics were doled out at the least twinge. No longer. The news from the three year old is better this morning but she definitely needs a snuggly day with her mum who has a few days' annual leave in reserve for this very sort of occasion.

No excuse for me not to crack on with it then. A tagine to make and cards to write.

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