Final touches

LD's quilt is now labelled so that any curious person can flip it over and see who made it and when. Maybe some future descendant (I'm jumping the gun a lot here!) or someone at a flea market, or (most likely) even myself trying to remember when on earth it was finished. Anyway, it's now ready to wrap and put under the tree (not yet up).

The labelling was a minor part of the day. A bad night with knee ache and the lucky availability of a slot meant another trip to the massage therapist and then a lot of 'resting'. I think I've learnt my lesson the hard way and even gentle wanders are forbidden for the moment. Anyway, the Christmas cards are nearly done and then I suppose present wrapping. None of the hoeing and chip bark-ing that I wanted to do or final leaf tidying. And honestly, I did feel I should be doing at least one day's decorating ...

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