I did not pick up the camera......

it just rained all day solid,  so here is a scan of F1 !  Car racing in the early 1950s at Coronation Park in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.  My father was then one of the mechanics.

The territory of 'Southern Rhodesia' was originally referred to as 'South Zambezia' but the name 'Rhodesia' came into use in 1895. The designation 'Southern' was adopted in 1901 and dropped from normal usage in 1964 on the break-up of the  Federation of  Rhodesia and Nyasaland and  Rhodesia became the name of the country until the creation of Zimbabwe Rhodesia in 1979. Legally, from the British perspective, the name Southern Rhodesia continued to be used until 18 April 1980, when the name Republic of Zimbabwe was formally proclaimed.

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