Started the second day this week with a coffee and rather delicious warm apricot pastry in Cafe Nero before another session of expensive Jenga planning/creative thinking. Starting to come together quite well so hope it works out
Lovely sunny walk from there along the Grassmarket with the castle looking particularly splendid before into another meeting of a group I’ve been in for 4 years. Still not sure  I’ve got my head around the jargon!
A couple of interesting discussions about research themes and plans then walked home through Quartermile. The first of the wings of the old Royal Infirmary has had all its external stonework etc completed and the scaffolding’s come down. It’s looking great-such an improvement on the mess across the rest of the building-but in a couple of years it will all be done.
Set off for the long drive south. Arrangements all a bit last minute but drive ok and arrived at S’s in time for chat and peppermint tea before bed

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