By EllyJay

Spear Fisherman

Spear Fisherman in the Stone-cut printing technique of Povungnituk (Arctic Quebec) Canada. 1962
The technique, invented in Cape Dorset is an Inuit style, unique in the art world.

It involves reproducing an original drawing onto a flattened stone block by carefully removing the unwanted stone to leave a raised surface upon which inks are applied.  Paper is laid over the inked block and rubbed by hand; the paper is then slowly removed to reveal the printed image.

Many Povungnituk artists carve freehand onto the stone.  Scenes depict traditional Inuit like or folklore and often utilise the irregular outlines of the stone block to form a backdrop around the image.  This is a distinctive style of the Povungnituk region as seen on this print.

Print on display at Stromness Museum

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