What might he do in the Future

He asked me the same question " What will you do when you get older Granny ? " I said "I'll probably be dead "..........he brushed that aside and I said that I would make images. He liked that and he liked my photos  when I showed them to him even my abstract ones?
He is staying here for the first time tonight as His Dad (and Mum) are going away to celebrate Dad's 40th birthday. Wonder what will happen for his actual birthday ???? Hope they all have a Grand time.

Later I might post some photos of the day with him. He is such a good boy. He will probably be a horror of a teenager .....although I cant see that coming. E will be the best teen ever as she has been through the horror patch !!!!! Only joking E ...............ha ha ha......They are all so lovely and I mean it.

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