twinned with trumpton


The lad left at 0430 with his current beau - aiming for the airport and AMS for a late birthday treat and a few days away. So I prised myself off her floor and into bed.

Awake around 9; a lazy hour or so plotting before Snax for breakfast; then the bank for Chirstmas funds and finally a bit of Xmas shopping.

Tired out (some more than others; to be fair she does have manflu, so isn't feeling the best) so I headed home for a few hours, she went back to bed.

I headed on out again at dusk; briefly saw the almost lapsed blipper for the 2nd time in 10 days before meeting properly lapsed blipper Neil Johnson and his Suburban photos as part of a maker's market at St Margaret's House. We managed a pint of tangerine IPA before he had to collect his work, and I had dinner to cook. More food involving pomegranate (the chicken salad thing with the mint tahini yoghurt garlic lemon dressing - just what was needed) and G turned up with her sleepover buddy; before they both headed out for an hour to the show G should have been starring in... So an hour of Community before I sneaked off home into the cold

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