Entrance to #55

After leaving S with the acupuncturist I went to a nearby little cove on the northern edge of the Waitemata. Although generally referred to as the upper reaches of the harbour, it is probably more accurately the mouth of the river. Access to the cove is down a series of steps on a well maintained path. Fortunately, I was told that the path is opposite #33, and there is no sign or other identification.

The tide was too full for shore birds, and the bush dwellers, which I could hear, were way up in the tops of the trees. The flax flowers were strikingly brightly-coloured.

But as I went back up the steps to the road, I saw what appears to be an alternative entrance to #55.

Today’s extra shows the extension to the Maritime Museum. Tied up beside the museum, is the Aotearoa One. This is a twin hulled waka, which is the traditional ocean going version Maori constructed. This one was built about 14 years ago. The waka they used when at war were much more sleek and could travel very fast, and also very silently.

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