By loisbiz

In my Happy Place

Yes, I made it out snorkeling first thing this morning....but I forgot my underwater camera....so we snorkeled for just one hour. It wasn't a good experience: my mask was fogged up, the surf was up AND I HAD NO CAMERA! Luckily our condo was only 1/8 mile from the snorkeling bay, so we went back and regrouped for the second time in the snorkeling bay. Now I was a happy lady....I used a different mask and used some gel to make sure my mask would not fog up. The surf was calm AND I had my camera. 
I think this is a photo of a transitioning Rock Mover Fish; it didn't look exactly like the photos of a mature Rock Mover. See the first extra of what the Juvenile Rock Mover looks like.
I also included a very poor extra photo of the Parrot Fish, but I liked it because it looks like they are smiling....I am definitely smiling today too!!!  Hawaii is an amazing place.

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