By loisbiz

A Little White Spotted Box Fish

I love these guys; they are so beautiful in person. The camera doesn't capture his beauty. I tried to get in front of him, but into the rocks he would go. The water was so lovely today; I really stayed close to the same area for a couple hours. I just floated this way and that with the wave movement....I love the feel of that movement as long as I don't get in a current or rip tide and end up way far away from where I started as I am lulled into the peaceful movement. Luckily I am a strong swimmer, with the help of good fins, and I am not frightened if I end up out of the "really safe zone". It isn't really unsafe unless I am carried out of the protected area into the open ocean....but I am counting on those cute Lifeguards to paddle out and stop me before that happens. I am happy to say I have gone two days without having them tap me on the head and saying, "Get back in closer to the Lifeguard Station." That's pretty good.  :-))   I added a couple other fish photos in extras.

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