Again and Again

By Ripitup

Bah humbug

I was in the butchers on the High Street at lunchtime, having a general chat as they served me.

The owner of the chocolate shop came in for some respite from his very busy shop and told me how he hates Christmas. He then told me he hated it “this much” and showed me his t-shirt.

The butcher who was serving another Christmas loving customer agreed with the chocolatier. The other customer left, saying he would wish us all a happy Christmas but that it would clearly be wasted.

I told the chocolatier that I was tempted to drop in if only to annoy him but that I was fasting and couldn’t risk being tempted to taste anything.

I love shopping locally. I also love chocolate and the liquorice he sells so I will definitely have to visit him in the next day or two.

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