Game On

Back in the dark ages, dark being black and white, this is how most TVs were until 1967 when BBC2 colour was introduced. Of course it was quite a while after that before it caught on big time, the cost being the stumbling block.

Anyway to show off this new fangled TV broadcasting various programs were introduced including Pot Black. Not too many people watched snooker in those days, some still don't! But I used to watch it each week, one frame, half an hour.  

In those days my wife and I rented our TV from Radio Rentals, purchase prices still being quite high, and of course it was a B&W set.  Eventually I decided my snooker watching could be improved by watching it in colour, so we swapped the set for a colour one; not exactly 4K ULTRA HD, but it did the trick.

So here is my tribute to the bad old days of mono snooker with a shot from yesterday's Scottish Open final (taken today from the recording).

As Ted Lowe, Pot Black's commentator famously said,  
"and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green".

Thanks to JohnEdward for hosting today's Mono Monday, theme Game.

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