Hurray! I've some Christmas decorations up! Thought I'd celebrate by lighting the candles (annoyingly, the stumpy one is a consequence of a brand new lovely red candle being dropped and broken, but it still looked pretty). Still plenty more 'decking' to do.

Final carpets cleaned today and some other thorough cleaning done (it's been a while due to the knee excuse) just in time for Poppydog's slightly muddy feet. I dislike our black kitchen floor; absolutely hopeless trying to keep it clean as all crumbs and footprints show mercilessly.

Waited in for the EDF engineer who finally made it towards the end of his allotted slot, so I couldn't make use of today's better weather in the garden. But at least we now can get the electrician back in again (this whole performance started in June!) to replace the fuse box and forestall any more defrosted freezer incidents.

And a final rehearsal of Messiah this evening before the dress rehearsal and concert. It's such a glorious work you can't help feeling uplifted.

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