musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

The walk

...continued for the next few days... to Mangri then back to the district headquarter Gamgadi.

Remote. Friendly people. Expensive. No means of transport. Poor. Simplicity. And many more...

People in these parts are called 'bhote'. Similar to the people of Tarai who share so much of their culture with India, the people in the mountains are influenced greatly by the Tibetans. A guy from the area even said that they can understand the language used by the Tibetans.

This makes me realise how mixed the people of Nepal are; how different they look; how many different languages they speak; great contrast in their culture, upbringing and access. When Prithivi Narayan conquered Nepal in the 1700s, he said Nepal is a garden of different variety of flowers... and it is very true.

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