A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

All is calm!


A really wet and miserable day. I've only been out once to cut some Holly from the bottom of the garden.

This ornament is new and is German in style but as I got it from last year's National Trust sale I don't really know where it's from but I like how it lights the dark corner cupboard. The bells either side though are definitely German as I bought most of them there. To the right with the little Provencal church was a gift for my fortieth birthday from my friend who lived in Germany at the time. At the right is the porcelain one I bought in Berlin a couple of Christmases ago. The two at the far edges were bought on visits to Hameln when my son was posted there during his time in the army. They are Hutschenreuther tree decorations and each represents a different place and year. I've never put them on the tree. The two at the back are one off editions i.e. one is for the Millennium, doesn't that seem a long time ago now!

We are having our Christmas meal with our son this evening and 'all is calm' despite our main oven element blowing last night! We are making it with the use of the top oven only and a loan of our neighbour's oven!

Good job we are off for Christmas tomorrow. Our son is on cat duty.

Looking forward to seeing Eda after a month. She has been walking a couple of weeks now and you can see in the extra her new 'top knot' to keep the hair out of her face. The nice clips I got her are now unceremoniously pulled out! I'm told she's excited. So are we!

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