The tradition.....


My old man and myself went out on the road bikes to Arley Station for our annual viewing of the Santa specials on the Severn Valley Railway.

On the way there my Christmas was made, I often ride past Robert Plants house but I've never seen him in the area. Today I saw his big hair through the gates and I shouted "Merry Christmas Planty" and he returned the Christmas pleasantries.

I really wanted to get a photo of him and I would never be afraid to ask but as he was in his private residence and a little distance from me I decided to be happy with the little interaction I had. Anyone who knows me will know how big a Zeppelin fan I am so will know how star struck I must have been.

After my ride of only about 30 miles, I got back and chopped the wood my boss has kindly given me, it took nearly two hours but I felt much more manly than normal.

Claire cooked me dinner then we went to Claptrap with Claire's family and all my mates for the Christmas brass band fun.

Mr Bo Hingles

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