South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

Tablecloth embroidery

A kind friend from our last church came over to see us and showered us with gifts as she has done for a number of years. She is so kind, and a lovely tablecloth was one of her presents to me. It fits perfectly on a square side table and I love this embroidery on one corner of it.

Hubby has managed to get downstairs today, but is still very unwell, tired and weak. Unfortunately I have started the cough today - just hoping and praying I don’t get it as bad as him. Son has been doing as much as he can manage - going to the shop for some fruit and paracetamol and unloading and reloading the dishwasher and helping me get washing done and unloaded as my energy levels are getting a bit low. Between us, we probably add up to one person! :-))

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