Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Misty Reflections

from the office window on a very quiet day when I got lots done :)

I had a box of puff pastries (very yummy) from one of my Managers for Christmas.  Another has said she is going to take me out to lunch tomorrow ....I can see I will have put on quite a bit of weight  at next weigh in if I'm not careful...

A nasty accident on the way home - I should have left the motorway at J12 if I'd known...but I didn't hear about it until after that junction!  

And tell me - just how is it that one 'flashy' car driver gets away with driving down the hard shoulder - it definitely wasn't a police car, that's for sure!!

I left work at 4pm today, got home just after 5.30pm....but at least I'm safe and sound.  

Happy Thursday folks :)

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