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By arkensielphoto

Red Rosebud

BT rang this morning to let me know that they still cannot connect me to Super Fast Broadband because they have no available ports; this has now been going on since 20 November 2018. The next update will be 16 January 2019.
After the call they were foolish enough to send me a text questionnaire, asking how they did. Zeros as replies resulted in a phone call from someone else asking about the problem. It seems that we have to wait for Open Reach to provide more capacity at the “green box” to which we are connected. He said the next update from them would be 3 January 2019, whereas this morning they said 16 January. SO still we wait, along with many others I assume.
Today’s picture is of a red Rosebud, which is attempting to flower in the front border.
Another damp, dull and murky day.

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