By treegonk

Oot ma windae

I hate it when I get home and the sun has already dipped below the horizon.

I hate the person that let go of that plastic bag that has clung to that tree branch for months, blighting my wonderful view.

I hate the person that lives in the far left flat that leaves the curtains open and leaves that stupid bright centre light on 24 hours a day. It always makes me feel rubbish when I wake up on the sofa at 6am.

I hate getting home and not having a blip.

I hate it when I've done my pic and resized it, then decide to crop it some more, forgetting that it is now less than the blip width and... oh that's enough.

I love you lot - you cheer me up with your funny photographic imaginations and wonderful sights all over the world.

Rant over. F phase blip operation complete.

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