... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Clapham Common: Avian Eclipse

More haunting in large.
Extra: Hokusai wave-ish

I definitely feel like I always have something between me and the light; the light tries to get around it, but the haunting presence is as agile, canny, enigmatic, and strong-willed as a corvid, so this'll do...

Apparently it's the end of the 2018, and I'm constantly thinking about how to make next year different (very different). I've had a long-standing intention to try to find a better relationship with blip (one a day?!) and photography, so that's certainly something for 2019. There is something very compulsive about my photography; it has positive and negative aspects, so I don't want to rule out taking lots of photos, but don't want just to continue as is... Maybe I'll aim to post just the one photo (without millions of links) unless there's an actual expedition worth sharing? I don't know.
In any case, I've no doubt that 2019 will be full of birds, but I hope it isn't always that looming, light-blocking black bird...

I keep revisiting the beautifully-bunched Amaryllis but keep not-quite-getting what I'm after; I was pleased to discover an angle that reminded me of Hokusai's wave, so I tried some tweaking to run with that train of thought (original, toned mono, IR-stylised colours).

Others here (or right from Pollen-adorned pistil)

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