By wws1968

I Do Actually!

Had a pretty average Hogmanay by a Scotsman's standards as myself and Lady V were through at my mums deep cleaning and decorating her living room which was a task and a half, managed to get back on the road home to see some fireworks  go up in central Edinburgh for the bells and back home showered and in bed for 1.45AM without as much as a wee dram!

So a bit of a couch day today and just chilled declining our usual New Years dinner at the in laws in favour of a snuggle day in front of the telly with a cheesy movie...which for once I quite enjoyed, hope no in laws were offended but hey ho, who cares? 

Finding it hard not to offend people these days as I get older I seem to have  less of a filter and opt for a sarcastic approach to other peoples words of wisdom which often have a religious or moral connotation attached,  neither of which I really care for so it's an open book to rip the piss out of said morals....as the goof good book says, "you reap what you sow". I do believe I may have taken my slightly dark sense of humour a tad far with some comments but life is nothing without humour, a wee reality check may be in order!!

On a serious note I'd like to wish anyone who visits my journal a very happy and healthy new year and all the best for 2019.

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