By Ridgeback13


Had a day looking after the little ones as Mt&H were at the spa as part of my Christmas present to them. After we’d got dressed they played really well together with the bricks...even jointly building towers...as well as a couple of spontaneous hugs!
Sh. came round and we chatted and played with them til lunch and then Mx had a sleep. DF came round and there was more chatting and reading a new book to AR, then when he woke we all went for the circular walk down the back path and around to the Brown’s Wood play area and home again. Mx delighted to see lots of dogs...he can pretty confidently and accurately say ‘doggy’, ‘up’, and ‘mummy’ now, but also babbles away as if saying much longer sentences. I assume he’ll start talking sooner than AR at this rate.
Home and A&N popped round and talked wedding plans and showed the ring around. She’s starting to think about how they want to organise it ....keeping it informal seems to be key,
Whilst they all played with the kids and gave them their dinner I made a big shepherd’s pie for Mt&H coming home.
They’d had a lovely relaxing day and enjoyed indulging themselves.
After dinner we watched Luther and terrified ourselves, then had an early night.
Happy New Year all!

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