Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Today’s picture shows this street in Cambridge that was deserted, but the town was quite busy in places, the market was almost non-existent.

We decided to go into Cambridge, mainly for a walk and because we had not been out much during the festivities. We had coffee during the morning and decided to go to the University Centre for lunch; it was still closed for Christmas. So we decided to go to another café, which we like, that was also closed! So as we were near Zizzi we decided to go there for lunch. We ordered our food and waited and waited. The food for the people at the next table was served and they had sat down twenty minutes after we did. The waitress came and apologised. She had already checked what had happened to our meal, they had lost our ticket, it would be another five minutes and the meal would be free. It duly turned up and was delicious and cost, only £7.40, for my glass of wine and my husband’s pot of tea.

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