Went to The Metrocentre this afternoon just to have a mooch around The Sales.  The place was quite crowded - lots of children about.  I bought some Christmas cards - reduced in price.  And a Guess handbag - reduced in price. 

I also bought a pack of Ibuprofen and took 2 of them immediately as my back was aching.  I managed to walk around for a while but I didn't stay out as long as I wanted to as the pain was still troubling me.

I don't have any flowers indoors and the garden is bare of flowers at the moment so I was at a loss for a Flower Friday blip.  Then I remembered this bottle of perfume - a Christmas gift from me to me.  Its Vera Wang  Lovestruck. The official " blurb" reads ....  Vera Wang  Lovestruck was inspired by a modern day twist on Romeo and Juliet.  It represents an irresistible romance. The fragrance is a sparkling addictive floral you are sure to fall in love with. There's an instant attraction to the mouth-watering pink guava and mandarin, followed by a delicate mix of tuberose and lotus blossom. This fragrance is beautifully complimented by the extravagant floral bouquet on top of the clean, glass bottle.".  I can report that it does smell really lovely.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 8,198

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