By seizetheday

Corn Exchange Lane... Alnwick. One day I must venture through the archway and go up the steps!

A day of chores and starting to clean out cupboards, attempting to create some extra space before we begin the next enormous big project - renovating the living room - within the next month. We'll need places to store all the things from there.

Took two large bags full of things to the charity shop - most of it belonged to Lucy, but also some clothes that I no longer wear. Including my suit, the one and only suit that I have ever owned! It's old but still like new, mainly because it's hardly ever been worn - just for a few job interviews and a couple of funerals. For my entire working life I've been lucky enough to work in establishments where they value the work that you do rather than the way you dress. Apart from 3 months of temping as PA to the CEO of a big organisation, when attempting to look smart every day was much more stressful than the job itself. Give me jeans and a jumper any day!

Nice to see Janet, who popped in this afternoon before MrM and I went down to Alnwick for some shopping. 

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