A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Saturday River Walk.

The River walk is one that we often extend to Marley but we did the original this morning but in reverse.
We had two men and three dogs with us and one of our number is just back to work after a serious injury in the Autumn so we didn't want to overdo it.

Here we have just turned to climb up into the woods above Ravenroyd leaving the River Aire behind. You can just see in the trees on the right of the picture. On the return through the woods we saw, briefly, about half a dozen deer leaping through the undergrowth. This is part of what we refer to as 'the deer walk'. We finished in Betty's Wood (extra) which is still looking quite desolate but I believe some replanting is due to start soon.

The sun never quite got out even though the sky looked quite bright at times. It was a pleasant start to a busy Saturday. Church tree down and most of our decorations. Just wanted to try out some new lights, which we got in the sale, on the Christmas tree before it goes. They look good. They're called Cherry twinkle, little white spheres. I'm leaving them on for the evening even though I've taken all the baubles off! Otherwise it's nice to see the house looking less cluttered.

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