By wws1968

It's Been A Busy Silly Saturday

This far its been a rather busy and silly day:

[x] Strip down vacuum cleaner and repair motor head.

[x] Strip out front door lock and measure barrel.

[x] Head to Screwfix to buy new barrel, plus another few bits I don’t really need. Don’t tell Lady V.

[x] En route to Screwfix visit tip and dump boot full of clutter cleared out of cupboards.

[x] Purchase LED bulbs to replace all halogen ones and refit all. I remember when buying a lightbulb was simple…not anymore!

[x] Make Lady V’s favourite soup, Lentil, Chilli and Chickpea. More brownie points :)

[x] Make a couple of shepherd pies.

[x] Re organise upstairs storage.

[x] Walk dogs.

[x] Empty last cupboard and bag up for final trip to tip.

[x] Trip to local charity shop with three bags of decent clothes to find it's now shut down...sign of the times?

[x] Thinking about sitting down and relaxing now.

And relax......task list almost complete :) 

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