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We headed to ickworth this morning for a short walk and to get some air, jean suggested not taking her scooter and using one of the ones at the national trust property (they are a bit bigger and can cope betting in the mud etc) we got some warm sausage rolls from Greggs in town on the way we ended up doing a much longer walk than intended and jean got very cold even though she had multiple layers on and did walk at times. this was the view of Fairy lake about a 1/3 of the way though our walk 2 hours later we made it back to the cafe for some hot tea and our sausage rolls.

I did have a chat with the lady when we dropped the scooted off as the route we took we were told was okay for scooters but a two points even with a lot of manovering I have to support one corner of the scooter so jean could get round the 90 deg bends (4 wheel scooter with only three wheels on the ground!)  they are going to take a scooter around the route themselves to check it out - wish i could be there to see that!! 
home and all warmed up now but we have learned that even though we knew Jean would be colder as she not moving she needs to be even more wrapped up! and i think we will take a flask of tea with us next time too.

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