By dogwithnobrain

It’s five o’clock somewhere

We don’t always have this much booze. It’s been building up.

When himself and I worked in bars we drunk excessively on our off days. Monday thru Tuesday were always a blur. I think back now and I wonder how we managed not to turn into alcoholics.

It wasn’t a prolonged period of time - probably 6 months but heavens. We must have put quite some booze down our throats. I’m glad it didn’t last long. I’ve never quite understood alcohol dependency. For us, then, it was release from a horrifically stressful job.

The Wild Turkey - holidays in September. Jack Daniels. - Christmas pressie. ‘43’ something we bought at duty free in Tenerife.

The Absolut is Tooli’s. It has to be 2 years old! The bottle behind the wild turkey was from last years holiday - and the one behind the 43 was. Gift from K - maybe last year. Or the year before! Everything behind is probably older and perhaps a mix of gin and home grown raspberries.

The little tiny bottle in the front... can you see it? Contains a little piece of paper.

More than..... anything

Which is how much I love himself


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