Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


When I saw my friend, Nathan, on Sunday, we arranged that I would go over to the Radio Station for Swindon 105.5 in order that I could do another interview with him and also read some of my poems.  I sorted out my poems and got there in plenty of time, but for some reason, Nathan didn’t arrive.  I did send him a text as apparently, he is usually there by 1.p.m. and have just heard that he had an important meeting to go to so was very apologetic about letting me down, so I hope to meet him next week.

For those interested, Swindon 105.5 is a daily totally local service launched in 2008 where since then, Shirley Ludford has been the Station Manager and Trainer as well as chief fundraiser, working with a dedicated team of volunteers.  You can see just how busy Shirley is by the photograph in the middle of my collage, where she is on two phones at once - such a clever and dedicated lady!

Although Nathan wasn’t there, my afternoon wasn’t wasted - in fact, far from it - it started with chatting to Simon, who told me that his daughter had worked at the Radio Station since about 2011 and that she was very good at what she did and had come on in leaps and bounds since she started there.  He told me that he was the Accountant and was the one who was responsible for balancing the books.

Then I met Dan, who is the Technician - and I was amazed when I saw all the wires in the back of what he told me is the “Rack” Room - I thought at first he called it the “Rat” Room - but he said he hadn’t seen any of those around, at least not lately!  I did ask whether I could take some photographs for my Blip today and he said he thought he would frighten people away, so I just caught him peeping out from between the various technical boxes at the top right of my collage.  I asked and he kindly explained to me what the various boxes did, and I think I managed to nod in all the right places, as if I understood, but in all honesty, and I’m sorry Dan, most of it went “right over my head”!

I then had a chat with Keith, who presents a programme called Musicbox - which is two hours of music spanning the decades.  His programme includes a medley of music each week from a particular decade so I should be all right even if he goes back to the 1950s! Dan suggested that I call in, text or email Keith this evening to ask for a request.  I thought I might ask for one for Mr. HCB and have been trying to think of a song, and one that describes him is “Simply the Best” - so have just done that.  Keith was very helpful so again, I asked him if he would mind being part of my Blip;  he wasn’t quite as shy as Dan and you can see him at the bottom left of my collage.

Danny, whose back view you can see in the bottom right, presents the Swindon Drive programme, which is music interspersed with information about traffic on the roads, any hold-ups and the situation generally, and also rail news.  He didn’t object when I asked if I could use his “back view” on my Blip collage, and said that his back view was probably preferable to his front view - actually I didn’t agree with that statement, but guess he was happier not being in full view, so I respected that.

I did record some of my poems with Shirley in one of the studios - one for her to use next Monday on her programme - in fact, the one I wrote to go with my frosted rosebud last Friday and entitled it “If only…”.  I also recorded several poems that Shirley said she will send to Grant, who presents the Sunday morning programme, so it wasn’t a wasted afternoon in any sense of the word.  I was pleased that they were all done as “one takes” and Shirley said I was a natural, so who knows what might happen for me next.  

Thank you to all of those at 105.5 who made it a worthwhile afternoon - you all made me so welcome, so I will be back and I will let you know when I have recorded the programme with Nathan, as it can be listened to online. 

This quote seems particularly appropriate for Shirley, Dan, Keith and Danny and for Nathan and all the other volunteers at Swindon 105.5 because I’m sure that they all bring sunshine and joy into people’s lives over the airwaves. 
“Those who bring sunshine
     to the lives of others
          cannot keep it 
               from themselves.”

James Matthew Barrie : 1860-1937
Creator of Peter Pan

P.S.  Mr. HCB had just gone out into the kitchen when my request came on the radio - you all know that I think he is "Simply the Best"!!  I think he was quite touched by it, so thanks, Keith!

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