Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


Many of my houseplants are adoptees of one sort or another. This succulent - sort of a jade plant? - belonged to #2 Son's girlfriend. I'm not sure "girlfriend" is really the word. She lives in Los Angeles, and occasionally fetches up in New York City. When she's in NY, he sometimes visits her. She spent a year here back after they first met three or four years ago now, but then she went to LA and he stayed here. Anyhoo - she had this plant which was a few tiny pieces in a shallow dish. She parked it here and it's been here ever since. It has mushroomed into a huge sprawling thing - still in the same dish. All I do is occasionally give it some water. Last night I noticed it seemed to have a... flower? This is a photo of said flower, if a flower is what it is. Must be because it's sticking out there on the end of one of the long sprawling bits looking different from the rest. Not particularly colorful, but a flower nonetheless.

So. Flower Friday!

One nice thing - I guess it's a nice thing - about it is that although you just have to look at it crossways for it to drop a leaf, if you stick the fat little leaf in the pot it sprouts roots and another whole plant comes up. So that's part of the reason it's 10 times bigger than it was when she left it here.

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