Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Inspired by Carmen

We watched a documentary on Netflix about Carmen Herrara a week or so ago and it really inspired me. The documentary was about her turning 100 and it was made a few years ago.  I checked and she is still alive now 103! I was inspired that she has just kept on doing her art despite not getting 'recognised' by the art world until she was in her 90s. That seems to be a trend for female artists. Such a shame for those who don't make it to that age. But it is all about the drive to make and satisfaction from doing it rather than from selling or fame. In a way not having the attention gives the artist the freedom to do what they want as long as there is some other means to have enough money to live. There is an article in the Guardian about her here.

You may not like her art, but I do and have been experimenting with masking tape and lines.

So far today on the cleaning front I have audited the towels. The amount we have is not as bad as I thought as I had done a cull when we moved. And they were reasonably ordered as well. But I have decided to give away a few that we can live without. I also have looked up eco fabric conditioner as I don't use it anymore as I don't like the smell, but I did notice that towels are quite harsh so wondered how to make them softer without smell. Apparently white distilled vinegar works. I have some so will try next wash. 

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