3 1/2 Apostles

This morning, we arrived in Portland, Victoria.  We boarded a bus and drove out along the Great Ocean Road to see the famous 12 Apostles -- magnificent eroded limestone stacks that jut up out of the ocean just off the beach.  It was an odd weather day.  Although the sun was out, there was a fog bank just offshore, which gave everything a rather lovely dreamlike quality.  I'm not sure if there really are 12 stacks, but I could only clearly see 3 1/2 -- hence today's title.

Extras:  A panorama shot of the same scene, and one of a formation known as "London Bridge" -- except it's not a bridge any more.  Part of it collapsed several years ago!  Oh, and one more of the scene at London Bridge before I had the sense to move left of the scrum (and consequently got a much better view than all those chumps!)

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