Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Broken records, hoodies and other things

You probably have seen other blippers on the East coast mentioning we are in the middle of a heat wave.  In fact the temperatures during the day where I am on the coast are not so bad (low 30s) but inland there were many broken records today of high temps.  What I am finding hard is the warm nights. 

I took the hounds down to the lake to get a shot of the Hoodie sculpture from a low angle with the setting sun behind him for Freyjad's wide Wednesday challenge.  We went for a walk afterwards.  The trouble was it was still around 27C and I am not sure it will get all that much cooler overnight.  There is no relief in sight until Saturday arvo.  I hope the forecasters are wrong.

I saw a woman while we were walking going for a walk with a friend in a pair of pyjamas I have at home.  Obviously not my pyjamas but the same make.  My eyes were on stalks.  Who goes for a walk in pyjamas?

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