3 minus 1

We all went to see my son, Tom, today in HMP Erlestoke to which he has ‘graduated’ from HMP Lowdham Grange his home for over 3 years and which oddly enough he missed as the transition to a new environment, a C cat, he found very difficult as he was subject to sorts of threats from a number of inmates. Thankfully that has passed, and with luck he’ll be in an open prison sometime next month. But more importantly his case will almost certainly be referred to the Court of Appeal by the criminal cases review commission who’ve had it on their books for 2 years and have indicated that’s what they’ll do. For the first time in some years we are all hopeful we will see justice for Tom at last and a terrible wrong will be righted - and 3 will become 3 again ( This charcoal drawing was done by someone on the same wing as Tom and will be treasured by us all.)

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