Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Fallen Fence

A last minute change of plans had me accompanying L up to the stables and on to the Chase today.  

In the past I'd have been put off by the drab, cloudy conditions we found on arrival.  Now, with wonderful examples across Blipfoto there are always ways of making the most of even these conditions.  I probably had 4 images I was happy to post from the walk on downloading to the computer, but loved the simplicity of this fence, which borders the field that is ridden along on the way to and from the Chase.

The change has meant that my plan to put some photographic equipment on eBay has been put off until tomorrow.  I hadn't quite realised how many camera bags I've now got!  With the simplification of systems I could really do with letting some go, as well as a couple of lenses that are surplus to requirements.

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