Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Low tide at dusk

A quiet moment at the Ardyne as the misty clouds parted enough to allow a delicate pink sunset sky - reflected at one point in the still water of low tide on the beach. The colours made me think of the doves who come and hoover up the seeds that the dunnocks from our hedge spill in their haste at the bird feeder! It was cold but more or less windless - though on the way back up the road there was a chill air in our faces.

So tired tonight - I must realise that I can't expect to go for two walks in a day without suffering! But my pal of the broken ankle is recovering and fancied a gentle walk before lunch, and I certainly fancied a good blether instead of something as tedious as ironing. 

But now I'm going to cap an active day by going to bed before midnight. 

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