Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Cool Breeze

Today is the day we finally got to watch the highly acclaimed film Bohemian Rhapsody! Everyone who's seen it has recommended it. I have to admit I wasn't really interested when I first saw the preview, but I am so pleased I watched it. I think it is an excellent bit of storytelling and was surprised to find how much of Queen's music featured in my life. The huge iconic hits just kept coming!

We called in at the Beach to drink our spiced tea. There were waves and waves of seagulls flying in from the North. It was fascinating. They must have been thousands of them. The forecast is for a "cool" week ahead, which means temperatures in the lower 20's! The cool strong breeze made me very happy I had my fleece on! G had to brave it in her pullover.

The evening seemed to vanish. I felt I had the hours to do what I wanted (catch up with my blip buddies) but a blog post for the website and other mundane admin things took over. Argh! Even blipping had to take a back seat.

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