By tondrijfhamer


Practise makes perfect. And that's why we (Ron, Herman and myself) teamed up in Slochteren this cold morning for a photoshoot of the Fraeylemaborg. 
In a little less than two weeks we'll be going to Glencoe and this was the final rehearsal. Herman initiated this yesterday.
Unfortunately I didn't have much time and had to leave early (9.00 am) already. We were invited for coffee at my parents' house in Stadskanaal.

I noticed that the fact that I was on a time schedule interfered with my creativity. I have been to this location a lot but this morning I couldn't think any further than the obvious classic shot and I didn't want to make that photo. So for me there was just one option left. I had to take my drone up. But the sun wasn't even above the horizon.
Nevertheless I took it up, testing its ISO-qualities.
It was very cold (-4C) and that was probably the reason why the DJI GO 4-app on my phone stopped working several times. Otherwise I can't explain that. It was the reason why I didn't dare to fly high and far.
I managed to capture this shot. I like it, at least it's different from previous visits there.

Other reasons why this shoot didn;t work out for me as hoped were probably caused by the fact that things didn't go as planned when I got up this morning. Spike (my dog) was awake and insisted on a walk before I could leave. Then, I was in my car already (after cleaning the frozen windows) when I realized my phone was still inside on the charger. I had to get back inside and that made Spike very happy again.
I rushed to Slochteren in a hurry (and was the first to arrive after all).

But the main reason for not enjoying this shoot to the fullest was (I guess) that I have a backache. It's been bothering me for a few days now, and I didn't get a good sleep last night because of it. It's now Sunday afternoon and I'm walking "crooked like a hoop". Time to swallow the big pink ibruprofen!
If it doesn't get any better tomorrow, I'll ask my physician for help. I can't have this in Scotland! There are mountains waiting to be climbed!

Anyways, long story short: I do like this photo, although I have to get back there once more when I have more time and when the sun is just above the horizon.

Have a nice Sunday!

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